Grant discovers what working at The Press is like. He even picked up a stress ball.

One Year With The Big Little Guy

I spent a lot of time working from home last week because, unfortunately, our daycare provider was recovering from a lingering illness. That meant balancing all my newspaper business and this rambunctious little boy named Grant, who turned 1-year-old on Saturday. Last week showed me how incredible it is that I’ve watched my son age…
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I took this picture at the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan on Sept. 3, 2014.

My Generation’s 9/11 Memories Are The Next Generation’s History

Every one of us has our own 9/11 story. Even those of us who grew up on a farm 1,700 miles away from downtown Manhattan. I’m 32 years old and haven’t met a person my age who can’t tell you exactly where they were when the World Trade Center was hit. I was in bed.…
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KLJ Admits Error In Water Tower Design

A new water tower built in east Dickinson is too tall and must be shortened, representatives from the engineering firm KLJ told the city commissioners on Monday. KLJ engineers admitted during the regular meeting that the 150-foot tower was built 78 feet too tall because of an error that happened early in the engineering process.…
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Parts Of Southwest N.D. On Cusp Of Grain Harvest

Kelly Herberholz made the first cut of this year’s harvest a week ago. Since then, he and his father, Joe, have slowly been chipping away at their crop throughout central and western Hettinger County. Kelly estimates they have at least 300 acres done and that much of their spring wheat is running between 35 and…
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0723 KBMY for Web

DirecTV Viewers In Western N.D. Still Without ABC Affiliate KMBY

It has been nearly two months and DirecTV customers in western North Dakota are still without local ABC affiliate KBMY. DirecTV hasn’t been carrying KBMY — which is based in Bismarck — or North Dakota ABC affiliates WDAY in Fargo and WDAZ in Grand Forks since June 1, when contract extension negotiations broke down between…
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