Monday link dump/Snow Day 19

Guess what happened last night? Yep, it snowed. A lot. Again. Ugh. So, for the second time in less than a week, my car is blocked into my garage and it doesn’t even matter because the whole parking lot is blocked shut by four- to five-foot high drifts on either end. So, with that in mind and a ton of time on my hands, here are some links.

Awesome blog post by Grand Forks Herald reporter Brad Schlossman on the Bemidji State hockey team, which has made an improbable run to the Frozen Four.

The Red River is dropping, but there’s still water everywhere.

The Sioux want to be like the Bison. They’re lying. I’m sure of it.

Tiger’s back.

The Jets don’t want that cocky Jay Cutler kid anywhere near their team.

I’m stealing this headline from Drudge, but it’s about perfect. I can’t wait to buy my next car from Government Motors.

And, in Final Four news, Michigan State slapped Louisville in their smug mugs while UNC played team ball to beat Oklahoma’s awesome one-man show.

Jimmie Johnson wins his first race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. Well isn’t that special. Denny Hamlin led the majority of this race before.

John Calipari is probably going to be Kentucky’s next men’s basketball coach. And boom goes the dynamite. Actually, this is exactly who Kentucky should hire. I’m sure their fans are going to love the thug life that Calipari will no doubt bring them.

I’m not sure why this image pops up when you seach "Goran Suton" on Google, but hey, why not? The kid from Sarajevo had a monster game to help put Michigan State in the Final Four, where they’ll basically be the home team. I’m picking Michigan State to win this thing. Not only because they have the home-court advantage, but because they were never ranked No. 1 in any poll this season. And, they don’t play in the Big East. Man do I not like the Big East. Also, a Spartans title would make NBC reporter and Michigan State alumnus Andrew Keller a happy young man.

Ping Pong just got sexy. Yes, that’s Serbian table tennis sensation and ESPN creation Biba Golic. If there was ever a sport that needed attention and a spokesmodel, it’s ping pong. Forrest Gump could only take it so far. And really, the 70s was so long ago.

Phantom Alert probably doesn’t work all that well.

Ashley Biden might possibly maybe be making the Bush twins look like Sunday school teachers.

Ed Helms, Zack Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and a baby. … Go see this movie when it comes out. Hilarity will no doubt ensue.

The NFL draft is less than a month away. So, why not post a mock draft link. MOCK DRAFTS!!!  Also known as 1,001 ways the Detroit Lions can fail.

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  1. Is this Biba chick just the Anna Kournikova of ping pong, or has she actually won something? I hope she’s a winner so that I can feel a little less guilty about following her career.

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