Monday 20th April 2009

by monke

In last Thursday’s paper, sports reporter Chris Aarhus wrote a column about the No. 22 pick in the NFL draft. It was at the top of our most-read charts for the longest time and we couldn’t figure out why. Well today, Chris figured it out. ESPN had linked his story on one of their pages. Click the link and scroll to No. 18 on Must Read Stories.

It’s really interesting and it’s a part of ESPN I never knew existed, where they basically toss up a constantly updated link dump of stories from newspapers and wire services throughout the world.

If you haven’t read Aarhus’ column, it’s pretty good. Here it is.

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6 Responses to “Aarhus’ draft column hits ESPN’s must read list”

  1. Jobu says:

    Spell my name right or you’ll get a bat in the head.

  2. Avatar of odermann says:

    Dear Pedro,

    I have Jabu. If you don’t quit defending Monke I will destroy him.

    Monke is trash.

    Your owner,
    Rachel Phelps

    P.S. To nice work: That’s an ironic nickname because your post was the exact opposite.

  3. nice work says:

    i see why they never post anything because when they do they just get put down. maybe you should just be happy he posting

  4. Aarhus says:


  5. Pedro Cerrano says:

    Cut Monke some slack… kudos to Chris for getting some national attention, and kudos to Monke for praising his colleague.

  6. Monke demoted???? says:

    Hey Monke, have you ever had a story linked on ESPN? maybe someone else should be the sports editor?

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