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I’m back kids. Phoenix was fun, and warm. Yes, I’m rubbing it in because I can. Ask the DSU track and field kids who are down at the Arizona State meet this weekend what it’s like to feel warmth again when they get back. … Anyway, onto the link dump. Some of this is old, but if it is, that’s cause it’s good.

Let’s take a second to read Reason No. 1,103,120,312,540,123,017 why Iran sucks and should be magically disappeared from the face of the Earth.

This lady could go to prison and all she wants to do is hop around in an Easter Bunny costume. Well, at least she’s got her priorities straight.

Usually I don’t link my own stories, but here’s an item I wrote on the area sports teams going to Glendive or Sidney for pretty much everything since Mother Nature refuses to give North Dakota a break.

And, with very little fanfare, the Dickinson Midgets baseball team begins what could be another banner season with a sweep of Mandan. Seriously, this team just reloads. Forget for a second that slugger Cole Frenzel is a senior and pitcher Stephen Laylock is finally a junior (seems like he’s pushing 20 he’s been around so long), they have depth everywhere and a boatload of young talent. I could go on and on about this team and group of kids. Now if only they’d all play Legion ball in the summer …

My alma mater, Minnesota State Moorhead, is exploring the possibilty of maybe adding men’s hockey. I found out about this on April 1 from a friend on the inside of the situation, just hours before my flight left for Phoenix. And that’s not a belated April Fools joke. However, if memory serves me correctly, I did a April Fool’s issue article on this very subject when I was the sports editor at The Advocate newspaper at MSUM. Weird.

Stupid drivers claim the life of another good person.

The slipper didn’t fit for Cinder–er, I mean, Bemidji State.

The national high school boys basketball champions … aren’t even a real high school. Are you kidding me? This is what prep sports in this country is coming to?

France still hates Lance Armstrong. Get over it you friggin’ frogs!

The Browns love Mark Sanchez and are thinking about drafting him at the end of the month. I remember this situation. Some team called the Detroit Lions tried building a team by drafting a bunch of wide receivers and it turned out really well.

The Sioux nickname may actually be staying. Awesome.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer. Yep, I’m a nerd who’ll be there for the midnight showing.

Fitzgerald and Polamalu on the cover of Madden 2010? Yep, as everyone I talked to about this in Arizona predicts, the Cardinals will blow next year and this is the jinx to prove it and pave the way for my 49ers to reclaim their rightful seat atop the NFC West.

African pirate news is all the rage in the mass media. It’s like a fancy new handbag. But with more murder and pillaging.

She’s 42!

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