NFL Draft Recap

Here is a quick overview and my draft grades for each team in the NFL. Click on the team name for the link to their picks.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Really like them taking Aaron Maybin in the first round. They went heavily on defense and offensive line in this draft. B

Miami Dolphins: They had nine picks. I really liked what they did in the first three rounds, especially taking Pat White to help run the wildcat and oversized CB Sean Smith. B+

New England Patriots: They had 12 picks. Yes, 12. And they didn’t have a first-round pick. They really didn’t take any big names either. But since Bill Belichick usually drafts really well … B

New York Jets: I loved watching the Jets fans’ reactions when they took Mark Sanchez. Some where loving it. Others acted as if the organization just came crashing down upon itself. Other than that, they had two picks and took Iowa RB Shonn Greene and Nebraska G Matt Slauson. I really like Greene and think he can transition well to the NFL. And, well, Nebraska is an offensive line factory, so they get an A.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: They took Michael Oher in the first round and then it kinda trailed off. C+

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bungles didn’t do too bad with their 11 picks. They had one first-round pick and stole guys who maybe should have gone in the first round in both the second and third rounds. They took USC LB Rey Maualuga in the second round. I think this guy could end up being one of the best players in the draft. A-

Cleveland Browns: Well, they took Cal center Alex Mack to protech Quinn-Anderson (I prefer to hyphenate their name like they were one person, because I’m not sure that they’re not.) They took two WRs early and then went mostly with defense in the later rounds. Not bad though. B

Pittsburgh Steelers: Their first-round pick is named Evander Hood and he’s a defensive tackle who’s pretty solid. If he’s not a star in the Steel City, I don’t know who will be. Other than that, I don’t know much about their picks. But they’re the Steelers, they typically draft well. B

AFC South

Houston Texans: They went with defense early, taking USC OLB Brian Cushing and Cincinnati DE Connor Barwin 1-2 and kept that up through the later rounds. They took two TEs though, back-to-back. They went with NC State TE Anthony Hill in the fourth round and took Rice’s James Casey (who will be probably used as a wildcat back) in the fifth round. I recently read a story on Casey in Sports Illustrated and it sounds like he’s not only built for the wildcat, but he’s just one of those guy’s who has an NFL body and engine. B+

Indianapolis Colts: Love the Donald Brown pick in the first round. I believe he could be the best RB out of this draft class with the right team. The Colts tend to make pretty much everyone on their team look good, so this doesn’t hurt Brown’s chances of becoming good. They did OK in the later rounds too. I like them taking Purdue QB Curtis Painter as a backup to Peyton Manning. B+

Jacksonville Jaguars: They took offensive tackles in the first two rounds (although Eugene Monroe is pretty good) and finished with three WRs and Nebraska-Omaha QB Zach Miller, who’ll be turned into a TE/Wildcat supposedly. C

Tennessee Titans: They had nice balance in their picks, filling needs and taking the best player available in most cases. They also took NDSU CB Nick Schommer in the seventh round for some reason. I like them taking Hawaii CB Ryan Mouton in the third round. He’s not bad. C

AFC West

Denver Broncos: While they didn’t need him, I liked (and predicted) them taking Knowshon Moreno with the No. 12 pick. He’s got star qualities and, if McDaniels uses him right, he should be fun to watch. B

Kansas City Chiefs: DE Tyson Jackson could be great. Their first three picks were defensive guys, the next four went offense and they wrapped up with a kicker with the final pick of the draft. C-

Oakland Raiders: With the No. 7 pick in the NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select … Darius Heyward-Bay, wide receiver, Maryland. Al Davis needs to retire. For the sake of the NFL. If you look at the scouting reports on all their picks, the words "underpeforming" "undersized" and "fast" appear frequently. It’s just sad. D-

San Diego Chargers: They needed a RB. They took Colorado State’s Gartell Johnson in the fourth round. OK. Other than that, they did OK. And I really like their choice of LSU WR Demetrius Byrd in the seventh round. B-

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: They didn’t have a single pick on the first day and had 12 in rounds 3-7. They took a little bit of everything. The one name you probably know is Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee. Who knows here. They usually draft well, but … C

New York Giants: Unimpressed with their early picks, but really like the additions of WR Ramses Barden of Cal Poly and QB Rhett Bomar of Sam Houston State. Ramses is huge, speedy and spent his entire career making fools of teams like NDSU. Speaking of the Bison, Bomar was involved in perhaps one of the greatest games every played in the Fargodome. If not for his whole scandal business, Sam Bradford wouldn’t have won the Heisman this year because Bomar would have been the Sooners’ starting QB. Would they have made it to the BCS national title game? Maybe not, but Bomar was solid in his younger years when he played against Big 12 competition. The Giants took him in the fifth round. Had he stayed at Oklahoma, he would have gone second round at the lowest. Also, UNC WR Hakeem Nicks in the first round was an OK choice at best. B

Philadelphia Eagles: They pretty much stole Jeremy Maclin. Now they’ll have one of the best young receiver duos in the league with Maclin and DeSean Jackson, who I said last year was severely underated and he proved that as a rookie. LeSean McCoy may have been a bit of a reach in the second round, but after that they did well for themselves. A

Washington Redskins: They had five picks and they started with Texas DE Brian Orakpo. He was there when the Niners (my favorite team) were picking and even though I’m excited to have Crabtree, I wouldn’t be upset with them taking Orakpo. He should be a solid player. B

NFC North

Chicago Bears: No first or second-round picks for the Bears, but they had nine in rounds 3-7. Don’t know much about their new guys, but the scouts don’t really run them down at all. C

Detroit Lions: Could this be the year the Lions finally stop making their entire draft a disaster area? Maaaayyyyybeeee… They started with QB Matthew Stafford at No. 1, TE Brandon Pettigrew at No. 20 and safety Louis Delmas at No. 33. They went best-available in the later rounds, which led to them taking Nebraska OT Lydon Murtha at No. 228. He should have gone much higher. I think this could be the year they finally get some talent out of this thing. B+

Green Bay Packers: They got some defensive help by taking DT B.J. Raji at No. 9 and LB Clay Matthews at No. 26. These guys are both solid. The Packers had eight picks and used five on defensive players and went with two offensive linemen and a fullback with the others. It’s the Packers. They don’t always draft perfectly, but they usually do OK. B- (beecause of Raji and Matthews)

Minnesota Vikings: OK, here it is. If WR Percy Harvin keeps his nose clean, he could be legit and add to a team that is sooo close to becoming a legit contender. As for their other four picks … Meh. C-

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: They did amazing in last year’s draft, so can lightning strike twice? Good question. They went defense with 6 of their 7 picks and went for a lineman with the other. No clue here. I’m guessing with a … C

Carolina Panthers: They didn’t have a first round pick but used a mid-round pick to take Texas A&M RB Mike Goodson, who could be OK, and went with a South Carolina CB named Captain Munnerlyn in the seventh round. They get bumped up a grade just for drafting a guy with a cool name. C-

New Orleans Saints: Four picks. Nothing ground-shattering. But with the No. 14 pick, they took Ohio State CB Malcolm Jenkins, who could develop. You know just never know with first-round d-backs. They also took two defensive guys from Wake Forest. C-

Tampa Bay Buccanneers: Josh Freeman joins an already jumbled mess of QBs. Still, there’s a chance he’s the best QB in this draft, so … After that they took two defensive lineman and an offensive lineman who all seem alright. B

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: I like them taking Beenie Wells in the first round unlike some other people. He could be a solid pro and won’t have to shoulder a ton of carries in their system. LB Cody Brown was a dude at UConn and the Cards have a recent history of doing good things with mid-round picks. B-

St. Louis Rams: They went with Baylor OT Jason Smith at No. 2. This guy is a monster, a fast monster. I think James Laurinaitis will be a solid LB in the NFL. The interesting pick here is West Texas A&M QB Keith Null in the sixth round. West Texas A&M’s QB coach the past three seasons was Ryan Leaf. Talk amongst yourselves … B+

Seattle Seahawks: OLB Aaron Curry and WR Deon Butler shine in this draft class. Curry could be a star and Butler is underated. Interesting thing is they took two players from Oregon (C Max Unger, DE Nick Reed) and two from Rutgers (QB Mike Teel, S Courtney Greene). Odd. B

San Francisco 49ers: Finally, onto my homer evaluation of the Niners. Not only did they introduce awesome new uniforms just minutes after taking Michael Crabtree with the 10th pick, they didn’t fall off in Sunday’s middle and late rounds despite trading away a few of their picks (probably a good move). Everyone talking about this is right. Crabtree could be amazing. He could also be mediocre and his ego could get the best of him. But, it hasn’t really for T.O. or Randy Moss, so who knows. My favorite pick here is QB Nate Davis in the fifth round. I said to my friends during the regular season that Davis could be that Flacco kinda guy who comes out of a smaller school and is really solid at the pro level. If he’s not, I’m not going to be very disappointed, but at least the Niners took a chance here and brought in another guy to try and give Shaun Hill and Alex Smith a little push. I like the choice of Alabama RB Glen Coffee as a backup to Frank Gore. A lot of scouts compare the two. They capped it off by taking two LSU defensive players in safety Curtis Taylor and defensive end Ricky-Jean Francois. RJF could have been a much higher pick had he not been declared legally insane by his coaches and forced to the bench. If he listens to and respects Mike Singletary, RJF could be a steal. If not, it’s nots like the Niners wasted an early pick on him. So, overall, I think the Niners had one of their best drafts in years. Letting Scot McLaughlin run this show looks like it was smart decision. … A

Well that’s it and carpel tunnel is beginning to set in.


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  1. How can people grade these drafts? No one knows how good these players will be, so how can it be graded? I also feel the same way about mock drafts. Its all a guessing game.

  2. “Guessing is the newest form of sports journalism. Just ask the Great-and-All-Knowing ESPN.”

    So wait … you’re telling me that it’s a good thing to follow in ESPN’s footsteps of mediocrity when it comes to their journalism?

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