Tuesday’s link dump

I finally have a few moments to post a link dump. To be honest, there really wasn’t all that much to post over the weekend. But now there is.

There’s trouble in flooded paradise, aka NDSU. Backup QB Jose Mohler and former stud returner Shamen Washington were both picked up for DUI’s … 30 minutes apart. What do we take from this? Somebody held a rager last weekend and didn’t tell people to walk home.

Socialism here we come!

Bismarck Tribune high school sports reporter Steve Thomas believes the Class A basketball tournaments should be reseeded after the regionals are done. I tend to think this is more true for Class B than Class A. No one can argue that it happens at least once a year in Class B where two of the top teams met in the opening round and one goes on to be the eventual consolation champ.

Valley City mayor says half of town should be evacuated due to flooding.

A 27-year-old farmer from Adams, N.D., had his pickup swept off the road by a flooding river. They found the pickup but not his body. He’s presumed dead.

Travis Hafner is proving the naysayers wrong.

Stuart Smalley is the new senator in Minnesota. He’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and dog gone it, less than half the state liked him yet he’s still going to Washington. On a side note, Al Franken is a liberal from Hollywood who happened to be born in Minnesota. Now he’s going to Washington to represent those people. I love Minnesota, but wow, I simply don’t understand you people and the way you vote.

Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich are staying at Kansas. This makes the Jayhawks one of the top national title contenders for 2010.

Isiah Thomas is going to coach Florida International’s men’s basketball team. Oh yeah, this has sitcom written all over it. "Isiah ia a troubled former basketball player who needed one last shot at redemption. So, when a downtrodden school asked him to return to the game as a head coach, he had no choice but to take the chance. Now, the former All-Star is up to his ears in problems as his team full of misfits that no one else wanted tries to win while staying away from the off-the-court pressures created by the Miami." Get read to lock this one up 20th Century Fox. It’s bound to be your next big flop.

Like so many other towns in N.D, Beulah is flooding again.

Kansas City cops be all crashin’ their cars.

Josh Beckett gets his.

Oscar De La Hoya hangs up the gloves. Really? He just now retired? Funny, I could have swore he did this years ago when he decided to become a lingerie model.

And finally, I leave you with the video of the day. The woman (I think) who warmed the ears of England and melted the icy heart of Simon Cowell. Ladies and gentleman, Miss Susan Boyle.

EMBED-Susan Boyle Stuns Crowd with Epic Singing – Watch more free videos

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