Wednesday link dump

I’m going to do something a little different today, instead of jumbling everything together, I’m going to try breaking the links up into categories.

North Dakota Sports

University of South Dakota is going to join the Summit League. The University of North Dakota isn’t being allowed in until the nickname thing is resolved.

How good were the Sioux hockey teams of this decade? Well, a bunch of them are now in the NHL and they’ve helped put their teams in the playoffs.

Fargo is going to build an indoor soccer facility for the kids.

North Dakota News

The city of Kathryn is probably going to be evacuated completely due to an eroding dam.

Valley City gets people out.

Fargo’s RibFest announces three music acts: Rodney Atkins, Three Dog Night and Eve 6. I say that’s a pretty neat balance.

National Sports

The Twins found a way to win last night and Star Tribune beat reporter Joe Christensen thinks it has something to do with their pitching choices and willingness to let put the game in the starter’s hands.

An NFL guru thinks the Vikings need to draft a playmaker.

Greg Paulus couldn’t play basketball. Now he’s going to try to suck at football too.

Cavs are trying to get tie the NBA record for home wins with No. 40 tonight … and they’re going to do without LeBron. Well, that’s just ballsy.

Movie stuff

Michael Bay’s new movie (Transformers 2) is "awesome." So he says Steven Spielberg said.

Jamie Foxx is a father of a teenage daugher. Jamie Foxx pretty much called teenage girl Miley Cyrus a prostitue, live, on his radio show. Celebrities be intelligent. (HUGE WARNING, TOTALLY NSFW LANGUAGE BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT). Keep in mind, Jamie Foxx is an Oscar winner. This is like a Heisman trophy winner turned NFL superstar running down a high school star. Come on man. I don’t like the Miley hypetrain either, but still, it’s not worth it.

"Moon" looks like a sweet movie that no one will see but us geeks and goons. Then in about 10 years, it’ll gain cult status and people will talk about how great and underrated it was.



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