Could Shaq be the Suns’ lucky lottery charm?

There was great PR story on the Phoenix Suns’ Web site today about the NBA lottery. It turns out that the last time Shaquille O’Neal played for a team that didn’t make the playoffs, they won the lottery that year even though they had the least amount of ping pong balls in the canister. The NBA lottery is being held Tuesday, May 19

When Shaq was a rookie, the Orlando Magic were the best team in the Eastern Conference not to make the playoffs. This year, the Suns were the best team in the loaded Western Conference not to make the playoffs. The Suns have just as many balls in the bucket as the Magic had that year when they just so happened to win and were able to draft Chris Webber with the No. 1 pick. They later traded Webber to Golden State for Penny Hardaway and the rest in NBA history.

The article uses words like "magically" and "Kazaam" to get its point across.

But, I can’t help but wonder, what would this Suns team be like if they had that No. 1 pick.  Could you imagine? The Suns would have been the fourth seed if they played in the East. While this year’s draft isn’t very great, it still has SOME talent. Blake Griffin anyone? Or, even if they somehow popped in at 2 or 3, there’s always point guard Ricky Rubio, aka Spanish Steve Nash Jr. and the man crush of former Dickinson State PG Sean Burnham.

Or, in a more interesting scenario, say the Suns get picks 1, 2 or 3 and were able to package it with Amare Stoudemire — who they really want to get rid of and Washington desperately wants – and deal it, thus getting something fairly solid in return, as well as quite a bit of free cap space for the 2010 free agent frenzy.

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  1. There are NBA fans and Phoenix Suns fans in this area, albiet very few. Be careful or I’ll have to start blogging about the Nuggets…

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