Hanstad visited Minnesota

This is just the beginning of a long summer for Dickinson High basketball standout Joe Hanstad, who visited Minnesota unofficially not long ago. Here is a link to an interview Scout.com. I hope it works. It’s cached, so it may look a little odd, if at all.

6 thoughts on “Hanstad visited Minnesota

  1. As is evidenced by this post, I’m sure we can expect the same kind of endless fawning coverage of Joe Hanstad as we saw with Austin Dufault from Monke.

    Here’s my prediction, we get a Hanstad story in during every non-basketball sport’s season and one or two over the next couple of summers so Monke can effectively shove another kid down our throats. By the time the kid graduates Monke will have written a book about him and held him up to be the savior of basketball in North Dakota.

    Monke might not seem like he really likes Obama, but that’s just because he’s already got his “Messiah” for the next couple of years in Hanstad. The sad thing is Monke does these things so he can hang out with the “cool kids” and say he knew them when instead of actually caring about what they do down the line.

    Hanstad deserves someone better than Dustin Monke. Let Chris Aarhus do his thing.

  2. Settle-down there Thomas. As everyone who knows me knows I will be the last one to defend the never-ending Dufault coverage, but your post was just mean-spirited. Let’s keep it on a high level.

  3. Hanstand will be probably the most highly recruited kid in the History of ND basketball but I think Thomas is absolutely right… the coverage for this kid will be almost sickening by 2010 when he probably makes his choice by verbaling early… then whoever he signs with will have ever gamer in the Press from that point forward… nothing wrong with that though… I think it’s something that local papers do not do enough of… we’ve gotta give Monke props for letting us know that Dufault had 3 pts and 5 rebounds in 35 minutes of a Big 12 Game

  4. Mom said you need to get off your computer and put on some clothes because you’re embarassing the family.

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