Weather could ruin a fun sports weekend

Sometimes in the summer, there isn’t much for do as far as sports on weekends. This is part of the reason why I began covering the Southwest Speedway when I took over as Sports Editor of The Dickinson Press.

But, if forecasts for Saturday and Sunday are accurate, it looks like a pretty decent weekend will be washed out.

Saturday night, the Southwest Speedway is scheduled to host its second night of race. And, unlike last week, Roughrider Racing Association president Dale Burwick said the car transpoder system is working, which would cut into the length of the races. However, it’s supposed to rain all day and reach high temperatures in the low to mid 40s. Burwick laughed today when I first asked him if they’ll be racing tomorrow.

In addition to that, the Dickinson Roughriders American Legion baseball team is scheduled to play Rapid City Post 22 on Saturday afternoon in its season opener. Rapid City’s forecasts call for a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms, so that too may not be happening. KDIX will be down there for the call if there is a game though.

On Sunday afternoon, the American Legion Class A and Class B all-star games are scheduled to be played at Southside Municipal Ballpark in Dickinson. But, that seems unlikely as well with afternoon highs expected in the high 40s and a 60 percent chance of rain. The Press is a sponsor of the event and sports reporter Chris Aarhus has worked hard to help organize it. He told me today that they will wait quite a while to call the games off if it’s not raining terribly because it’ll be hard to turn away kids who came from the opposite end of the state to play.

If forecasts are accurate and it begins raining on Saturday, check out The Press web site for updates, postponements and cancelations.

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