Badlands Activities Center questions answered

I had some good questions answered by Casey Jackson, Mortenson Construction’s project manager for Badlands Activies Center today at a Dickinson State arranged meeting held to discuss the media’s needs in the stadium’s press box. (While I learned a lot, I sat in a 90-minute meeting to confirm to the construction company that the newspaper media will need high-speed Internet of some variety, wireless or data ports, it doesn’t matter.)


The field is being finished this week and Jackson told us that the Scoreboard is going up soon. It’s scheduled to be installed next week sometime. They hoped to have more done by this point but everything fell behind due to the late spring and the biding process. The track will begin being poured on Aug. 10 (they laid the asphault beneath it on July 10 and it needs 30 days to cure). The plan is for the track to be complete — paint lines, numbers, the whole works — by Aug. 30. (Note this is less than a week before DSU’s first home football game, so there’s little room for error and they hope there are no snags in that process.) The lights are up, so there WILL be night games there this year. As I stated in the last post, the first game played there will be Dickinson State vs. Wisconsin-Whitewater on Sept. 5. Dickinson High’s game against Dawson County (Glendive, Mont.) will NOT be played at home and neither will Trinity’s season opener against Killdeer. They were scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 28-29 and will have to be played either on the road or at a neutral site. I hope to make some calls and confirm where tomorrow.

The entire facility will be finished by mid-April so that area schools can hold track and field meets there. And by finished, Jackson said that means EVERYTHING will be done. Because of that deadline, the plan is to have the building part of the facility completely enclosed by Nov. 15.

Now onto what everyone is asking these days … WHAT ABOUT THE FAN SEATING DURING GAMES? … Well, DSU athletic director Roger Ternes said a logistics committee is still working on that and should have everything decided within a couple weeks.

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