Two days post-Fridley and little progress has been made

Oh yeah, almost forgot, DSU athletic director Roger Ternes also told me today that little progress has been made as to which direction to go concerning the open softball and women’s basketball coach positions.

Ternes and DSU President Richard McCallum have both been pretty busy with meetings and other stuff, so they have not had time to reach an agreement on which direction to go, adding there is a lot to be discussed since they need to know whether or not to pursue someone who can teach as well as coach like Fridley did. Ternes said a decision on what the university wants to do should come soon.

My opinion, as far as the softball coach spot goes, is that they should look into the three assistants, Jamie Jung, Kristin Fleury and Hennessy Rodriguez. Jung has been with ex-coach Guy Fridley (Ed. Note: That feels weird typing that.) for a few years now in both sports and Fleury and Rodriguez both just finished their second seasons as assistants. I feel that instead of doing a quick search and plugging in somebody who doesn’t know anything about team, the school needs to take a look at one of these three on at least an interim basis, which means they don’t even have to do a nationwide search.

Jung needs to at least get a look since he’s been on board for quite a few years now. If you’re looking at one of the two women, the popular choice in the rumor mill appears to be Fleury, who was a standout for the Blue Hawks for two years and knows her stuff about the game. It wouldn’t hurt for DSU to have female head coach either. Right now, there are no female head coaches, only a handful of assistants. Then again, a decision can’t be made based on that either.

As for the women’s basketball spot … who knows? Kia Herbel may have said it best yesterday when she told me DSU needs to find someone whose personality can gel with the team who, she admits, is a little weird. (Hey, sometimes winning teams can be a little strange with their rituals and whatnot.) I think they need to do a nationwide search for this position and hope they can get lucky with some coach who has been ousted from a D-I or D-II and is just looking for a job. Stay tuned for more on the coaching searches.

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