Flu has DSU defensive line under the weather

It’s likely not swine flu, but three members of the DSU football team missed Tuesday’s practice with a stomach sickness.

Defensive linemen Jamie Walker, John Tuchscherer and Seth Forster all attended team meetings but did not practice with the team, citing sickness. Safety Jamie Sigl said he wasn’t feeling too great but practiced anyway.

Coach Hank Biesiot said a flu bug struck the team last week and while some players are over it, others contracted it this week.

The coach said he doesn’t expect it to be a big factor in the team’s plans this week. The Blue Hawks visit Jamestown College at noon Saturday in their Dakota Athletic Conference opener.

Also on the injury front, DSU freshman fullback Jackson Wandler missed practice after being stung by a bee earlier in the afternoon. Wandler, who is allergic to bees, was stung during Monday’s practice as well and had to be injected with epinephrine via an EpiPen. Wandler is one of a handful of players on the team who are allergic to bees, Biesiot said. The trainers keep EpiPens on hand during practices in case of bee stings.

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