Blue Hawks draw Carroll. Who’da thunk it?

The Dickinson State football team will face Carroll College at noon Saturday in the first round of the NAIA playoffs. It’s the fifth time this decade the teams will meet in the playoffs and third in the first round. Carroll has won all four of the previous meetings and DSU hasn’t beat the Saints since the 90s.

Carroll puts up big numbers but has also given up some big numbers. Even though they’re 11-0 this season, they held off 22nd-ranked Eastern Oregon 48-43 on Nov. 7 in a Frontier Conference road game.

But, with the Blue Hawks a little beat up and coming off a loss to Black Hills State in the Fargodome, do they stand a chance to finally get by a Saints team that has all its offensive and many of its defensive weapons back from last season when they beat the Blue Hawks 35-18 in the first round?

Well, here’s your opportunity to say what you think will happpen in this game? Leave your predicitions or comments in the, uh, comment section.

3 thoughts on “Blue Hawks draw Carroll. Who’da thunk it?

  1. Carrol-30
    Carrol will prevail, however i think its not the blowout that people are thinking. I think that last year’s carrol game was televised, is it on tv again?

  2. Carroll has had a couple of close games this season, Western and Rocky (Rocky beat themselves in the last 2 minutes) The blue Hawks can do this. The Hawks should start the game with a pass No one would be expecting that. We will be there watching! GO HAWKS!

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