Athletes of the Decade starts Wednesday

Here is your rundown of how The Dickinson Press Athletes of the Decade list will go.

Wednesday, Dec. 23: Southwest Region
Thursday, Dec. 24: Dickinson Trinity
Friday, Dec. 25: Dickinson High
Saturday, Dec. 26: Dickinson State women
Sunday, Dec. 27: Dickinson State men

Everyday, I’ll link the column which will have the accompanying PDF of the full-page Athletes of the Decade graphic. You’re going to need decent Internet bandwith to download it because the PDF is around 5 MB. I didn’t want it to be that big, but had to so you could read the text.

Talk amongst yourselves in the comments, tell me who we missed and why. Also, I stress to you that coaches and you the readers had a voice in this, so remember that it wasn’t just Dustin Monke’s Athletes of the Decade. Several people had a voice in this and I thank them for the time they spent helping me out with that, including you readers, who put about 30 comments under the last Athletes of the Decade post.

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