Midgets are going to miss Jung

Dickinson High is searching for a new girls basketball coach. First off, I want to give my two cents on the Greg Jung era. First of all, I want to prefice everything by saying I’ve known Greg a long time and I’ve known his family my entire life.

Unlike some people out there, I thought he did a good job with what he had to work with at Dickinson High. Coaching in the West Region is no easy gig and when he had the talent to win, he did. He may never have won the West or a state title (no easy thing coaching against guys like Greg Amundson or his ex-New England teammate Jim Jeske for many of those years), but he helped the Midgets accomplish a lot and helped prepare many girls for excellent college careers. I like how DHS athletic director Calvin Dean pointed out that Jung coached for 11 years — also known as a lifetime in today’s high school basketball world — in Jason Adkins’ story on Jung in Wednesday’s Press story.

In the last couple years, Greg took — and put up with — a lot of crap from different sources. It doesn’t take long for that to wear thin on a coach, especially if he isn’t having a ton of success. Don’t get me wrong, I think Dickinson has had the talent to do a little more in recent years but the West is a fickle beast and even if you’ve got the talent, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get to the state tournament. This year was a perfect example of that. Belcourt has a great season, gets upset in the first round by a hot team and then falls short of taking a well-deserved team to state.

With Jung and his assistant coach John Abrahamson both out, DHS may be in for a tough time trying to fill this position. You know they’d love to hire a female for the job since they don’t currently have a female varsity head coach. There’s a rumor of a couple people who I’ve heard DHS wouldn’t mind applying but I won’t mention names for the sake not contributing to rumors.

Next year, the Midgets return possible all-state forward Jess Herauf, point guard Brie Lynch and forward Leslie Beaudoin, who showed flashes of brilliance this season. It’s a good core to start with, but there’s not a lot of time for the new coach to "build" with Herauf and Lynch both being seniors.

I honestly think if the new coach is able to get the best out of the the afformentioned trio, the Midgets are a state tournament contender. Now, it’s up to the DHS administration to find a coach who can click with those players and also has what it takes to continue building a program. There is talent coming up at Dickinson High, now it’ll be up to a new coach to make things go well.

As for Greg Jung, it’s good to see people giving him props on our Web site instead of tearing him down as has happened with so many other coach resignation stories we’ve published in the past. Also, I found out today that someone has built Jung a Facebook Fan Page if you’d care to join it. Several of his former players already have.

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