You’ll do what we tell you and like it … is how the NBA should treat its potential draft picks

Maybe some of you have heard that, in the days leading up to the NBA draft, Kentucky big man DeMarcus Cousins and Georgetown center Greg Monroe have refused to work out for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who own the No. 4 pick in the draft. Why? Because they just don’t want to play in Minnesota. 

Now, let’s get this straight… A talented 6-foot-11 center/forward who looks to have the tools to be an NBA star and are just days away from being instant millionaires because of this supposed talent. Yet, you are willing to share with the world that you’re so immature that you are refusing to even work out for a team based solely on the fact that you don’t wanna play there (insert pouty face, sad eyes, whiny voice here). 

Here’s how it should work:

Potential draft pick: I ain’t workin’ out for you because I don’t wanna play for your crap team in your crap city I’ve never been too but I heard is cold and/or not a perfect place to live. And I worked hard to be born with genes that helped make me tall and, for the most part, athletic. Who cares if I can’t shoot the rock from outside of 5 feet!

NBA: You have to work out for any team that requests your presence. I mean, it’s 8 hours of your life. Get over it. Who knows if they’ll even like your game. You’re not God you know. You’re not perfect. Plus, we are allowing you to play in our league. It is a privilege, not a right. If you don’t think so, why don’t you ask Roy Tarpley, Gilbert Arenas and Chris Anderson?

Potential draft pick: But I wanna play in New York, Chicago or L.A. I’ll even settle for Detroit. 

NBA: You’ll go where you get drafted and like it. You’re 20 years old, so stop being a baby, be damn happy to be getting paid millions of dollars to play basketball when you haven’t done hardly anything to earn it, shut your mouth and go play for the team that takes you. You only have to be there for a few years if you don’t like it. It’s called free agency. We’ve done at least that much for you whiny little children.

Ahhh, wouldn’t that be a perfect world. But alas we live in a society where children are coddled and told they’re special every possible instance, even when they’re not being special. We also live in a society where the NBA doesn’t possess the second syllable of their sport’s namesake.

So, with that said, DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe. You’re not special. If you become good NBA players, awesome and good for you. But until then, you will be treated and will act in the same manner as any other potential NBA draft pick. If Minnesota wants you to come and work out, you take the free plane ride to Minneapolis, you play some basketball for a few hours, answer some questions and then get out of there. I know you may be busy buying Bentley’s and new bling for all your buddies (on credit, undoubtedly), but you’re not in the NBA yet. So stop being babies and be happy you’re even allowed to be in the league. There’s a lot of worse things you could be doing. Like going to college still.

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