Daniel to be DSU’s interim AD

The hits just keep on coming on what is normally a lazy Monday. 

Dickinson State unsurprisingly announced Monday that long-time faculty member and coach Tim Daniel has been named the school’s interim athletic director for the 2010-11 academic year, taking over the spot vacated by Roger Ternes. Read the story, which will be updated, on The Press website.

7 thoughts on “Daniel to be DSU’s interim AD

  1. Mccallem must not of even opened it. Bad decision for this position. There had to been another person on staff to do this until it gets filled.

  2. I concur with both posts. This guy was fired becuase he treated people like crap. He lacks people skills. Why not have Stanton, O’Donnel, or Hofland do this. Bad move for this admin.

  3. As far as I know the President was approached by many colleagues and people in the community in favor of hiring Tim. I for one am excited to see what Daniel will do with this position – maybe it was time for a change. Time will tell…….

  4. I would have to disagree with the negative comments regarding Coach Daniel. I have known Tim for many years and have heard many positive things about his work ethic and people skills. He is well deserving of this position after the many years of loyalty to Dickinson State University. Tim did many great things as the men’s basketball coach, and with many local kids….he took the program a long way. Wise choice on Dr. McCallum’s part and all the staff and community that went to bat for him. Coach Daniel will do great things for the department. Congrats Coach!

  5. If two good years out of 12 or more years of being a head coach is good for the men’s program please enlighten me. His record is terrible as a head coach and it speaks for itself and you can’t argue with that. There are reasons why he got fired and you can’t argue why he did as well. I went to many games when he was the head coach and he treated his players terribly by embarressing them in front of everyone..all the time. Hope this is just a one year bandade.

  6. Maybe there was a time in Daniel’s career where he would not have been fit for this role, but I think he is the right guy today.

    He was an intense head coach, no question about it. But here’s a guy who is humble and so dedicated to the university that he’s able and willing to return to the DSU men’s basketball program as an assistant. Whatever his past may be, that says something about his character today.

    Congrats Tim

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