Another one-kid co-op comes to DHS (but this time, it’s probably really worth it)

In a good move for Dickinson High athletics, a one-child cooperative agreement with Richardton-Taylor High School for gymnastics was reached Monday night at the Dickinson Public School board meeting.

You’re probably asking, “Why does this matter?” Well, because this means that Dickinson’s gymnastics program — which is pretty darn good to begin with — just stayed good for the next six years.

Acacia Fossum, whom we have done stories on in the past, is the young lady whose interest in gymnastics prompted the co-op request. Fossum, who’ll be a seventh-grader this fall, is a Level 9 gymnasts who competes at national tournaments alongside some of future (and older) Dickinson High teammates. Since gymnastics is a sport where younger athletes typically shine, don’t be surprised to see Fossum’s name in The Dickinson Press a few times next winter.

While this is likely another DHS-Insert Area School Here one-kid co-op for now, Fossum does have a younger sister coming up who is also a gymnast and apparently on the same track and her sister was at that age.

There was little chance DHS would ever turn this, or any other, co-op proposal down. They rarely do when area schools don’t offer a sport but have kids who want to play it. With all the outside talent it’s brought in through co-ops over the years, the Midgets’ baseball team could very well be known as (and the state championship banners should probably read) Dickinson-Trinity-New England-Regent-Killdeer-South Heart-Richardton-Taylor-Beach.

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