Brett meets an old friend, the ground

(AP Photo, Lacy Atkins) Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre gets sacked by San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis (52) and Takeo Spikes in the first quarter of an NFL preseason game Sunday.

At any time during this play, do you think Brett Favre was thinking to himself, “This may have been a bad decision.”

Sunday night against the San Francisco 49ers, the dramatic and charismatic quarterback stepped took snaps in a game for the first time since his body was pulverized by the New Orleans Saints.  Favre was on the field for four plays. This was one of them. He also completed a swing pass to Adrian Peterson that was turned into a 13-yard gain.

The 49ers told the Vikings before the game to basically play Favre at their own risk. It took three plays for them to come with a blitz. How many other teams are going to go after him like this — for four quarters? The Saints have drawn the blueprint on how to get to Favre. Now every team that faces the Vikings is going to come after him with no regards to his age or past injuries.

It was only four plays, but it could be a long year for Brett Favre.

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