Champions Ride lineup

Here is the lineup for Sunday’s Champion’s Ride saddle bronc match at Home On The Range near Sentinel Butte, arranged with those ranked in the Top 50 of the world standings first, followed by the riders ranked in the the Circuit standings.

World Standings
1) Wade Sundell
3) Cort Scheer
4) Shaun Stroh
5) Jeff Willert
6) Heith DeMoss
7) Taos Muncy
8) JJ Elshere
9) Jesse Wright
11) Rusty Allen
12) Jesse Kruse
13) Jace Garrett
15) Jesse Bail
17) Ty Atchison
18) Cody Wright
20) Issac Diaz
21) Chad Ferley
23) Cody DeMoss
24) Alex Wright
25) Anthony Bello
28) Dusty Hausauer
29) Cody Taton
31) Chuck Schmidt
34) Brad Rudolf
35) Tyrell Smith
37) Jake Hayworth
43) Jake Wright

Badlands Circuit
2) Cole Elshere
9) Hugh Connelly
15) Kane Gjermundson
18) Dawson Jandreau
20) Ryan Elshere
23) Andy Clarys

Montana Circuit
3) Josh Reynolds
5) James Irish (2009 winner)
8) Jake Costello
9) Shane Moran

Wilderness Circuit
9) Max Filippini

Spencer Wright (At age 18, he’s the second youngest of the Wright brothers. He won NHSFR as a sophomore in 2008 and just recently turned pro.)

Rod Hay, the No. 2 bronc rider in the world standings, was scheduled to be at the Ride, but is injured. The only other bronc riders ranked in the Top 25 who aren’t down to attend are Bradley Harter (No. 10), Dustin Flundra (No. 14), Sam Spreadborough (No. 16), Cody Martin No. 19) and Scott Miller (No. 22).

Also injured and unable to make the match is Badlands Circuit leader Clay Schaeffer, a New England High School graduate and a Medora resident. Schaeffer suffered broken vertebrae and is out for an undetermined amount of time.

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