Brett Favre is Cap Rooney

Anyone remember the opening scene of the movie “Any Given Sunday” when Dennis Quaid’s aging quarterback character Cap Rooney just gets blown up and injuries his back, therefore prompting young Willie Beaman to superstardom?

I’ve been saying this for three years now, but Brett Favre is the real-life encapsulation of that character.  Below, Exhibit A:

The NFL. Like the WWE, but with pads and a few less steroids. But don't worry, they too have a lot of old guys who still think they're 20.

Cap Rooney

Rooney and Beaman, errr, I mean Favre and Jackson.

And because I couldn’t find the video of the opening scene, I’ll show you a scene from the end of the movie. Don’t tell me this isn’t something Favre would try to pull. And just like in the movie, it’d be over for him immediately after that.

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