FIFA gives Qatar gets World Cup, sets new standard for poor decision-making

A look inside one of the many "proposed" World Cup stadiums to be built in Doha, Qatar, for the 2022 World Cup.

As many of you know, I LOVE World Cup soccer. So when I heard that Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup instead of the United States, I was pretty upset.

To me, it’s simply amazing, downright suspicious and ridiculous that a nation that has to build nine new stadiums and renovate five of their existing stadiums because they, at the moment, couldn’t host an Major League Soccer game, was awarded the world’s largest single-sport event. Oh, and they also promised an outdoor air conditioning system, which currently doesn’t exist but MIGHT in 2022, to help offset the average high June and July temperatures of 115 degrees.

The United States would have used 18 stadiums to host the World Cup, including several that are in use now. And that’s not including a proposed new stadium in Minneapolis and Los Angeles and the new 49ers stadium in San Francisco that would have been likely candidates to host games. Oh, and guess what else we have, INFRASTRUCTURE!

Qatar sits smack dab in the Middle East, basically between all the normal hot spots. It is slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut and could fit inside North Dakota 16 times.

Former U.S. national star Eric Wynalda told The Associated Press, “Basically, oil and natural gas won today. This was not about merit, this was about money.” He added that Qatar “is really going to struggle to host this event. A successful World Cup would mean the attendance would be twice the population.”

All you need to know about the country politically can be found in this article, where the Qatar Prime Minister said he supports Iran having nuclear technology as long as it’s for a “peaceful” purpose. That’s like saying I support a convicted murderer’s right to bear arms as long as they don’t use them to kill anyone.

I asked a friend, who is an Air Force pilot currently on his second tour in Qatar what he thought about the country and this is what he said: “It’s funny, when we get to go off base, we have to wear a collared shirt, nothing patriotic, and dress sensibly so we don’t get murdered. Should be interesting to see what kind of crowds the World Cup brings.”

There you have it soccer fans planning a trip to Doha for the 2022 World Cup … dress sensibly and don’t show any support for your country whatsoever. Your life depends on it.

Hi! I'm a soccer stadium with wild architecture. I made FIFA officials swoon and give Qatar a World Cup they may be unable to host.

One thought on “FIFA gives Qatar gets World Cup, sets new standard for poor decision-making

  1. FIFA officials didn’t make a poor decision so much as they were purchased by the Qatari Emir. How quaint of us to believe free markets and meritocracy exist even modestly outside of the US and a handful of Western style democracies. Rampant bribery and red tape is simply the way business is done in much of the world.

    Want to start a business in Africa? Good luck, the bureaucratic morass of never ending licensing requirements, permits and official corruption means most businesses never get off the ground. This is always done in the name of protecting The People from the greed and avarice of anyone who might make a profit while delivering goods, services, cheap energy and modern technology. As you look around the world you realize it is the right to private property, protected by a functional civil justice system and markets free from stifling intervention by the state that are the exception to the rule.

    Properly understood this was not a victory for oil and natural gas, rather it was the triumph of class warfare and economic illiteracy that dooms so much of the world to poverty and poor health.

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