All quiet on the Frontier (3:15 p.m.)

So, here we are, a good 20 hours after Dickinson State was invited to join the Frontier Conference and there has been no official acceptance by the university … but it’s coming. Dickinson State interim athletic director Tim Daniel said DSU is still waiting on the Frontier to send its written letter of invitation before it will formally accept the offer.

It sounds like there are several details still being worked out. As I type this, Daniel and DSU President Dr. Richard McCallum are in a meeting. Daniel reported this afternoon that Frontier Conference Commissioner Kent Paulson and officials from the league are still working on the details of the invitation letter and everything that goes with it. The reason behind this is so that they can present people like me, who are hounding them for details so we can get our stories done, the right facts on what all comes with DSU joining the Frontier Conference in 2012-13.

I’ll keep you updated as this story continues to develop. I should have something solid for you by tonight.

7 thoughts on “All quiet on the Frontier (3:15 p.m.)

  1. Number one. Administration at DSU are not leaders. Tim Daniel and Rich McCallum are born loser. Neither have the qualities to be leaders. Those two in a room making a huge decision for our SW Region is assinign. Since Tim has taken over the athletic dept has taken a huge step backwards.

    • Number Two- You are a loser…learn how to type and make sense.
      I am curious, though, why do you say that those two are losers? What has Tim done that has been so bad? I am not familliar with both of them, so I am just looking for a little more info on why they ”have no qualities to be leaders”

      • This is how i know…I am at the college everyday. I see how things are done. Tim’s personality is not fit for the job of an athletic director. There is no arguing that. He is outright rude to people and lacks support to the coaches. I would take Roger back in a heartbeat. I know the feeling that the athletic dept has and that is they know the ad is not a leader.
        Tom…Hope there is no grammical error since i guess this is connected to an english class.

        • It is?..
          I see now..I guess I have never heard anything like that before about him. I know that he was a pretty successful men’s coach in the past, but that’s about it.
          And what about McCallum?

  2. So, from now on, unless DSU is awesome-ly good in football, they will NOT make the playoffs. There is no shot of getting the auto-bid. Should have went NSIC, cheaper travel costs, weaker schedule.

    • I should point out though, that I feel the same way about the MVFC, you get beat up all season and might not get the autobid, and have to be ranked high to get to the playoffs. Much as how NDSU did it this year

  3. Although hindsight is 20/20, I believe that DSU thinks it should have went D-II when it had the chance. I believe Dickinson is a good spot for a NCAA D-II team, I just hope the school revisits that chance sometime in the near future

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