Ideas needed for “Where Are They Now?” columns

Beginning in April, I will be writing a monthly column series called, “Where Are They Now?”

The title should explain everything, but in case you’re confused, here is what I have planned:

“Where Are They Now?” will be a monthly column in which I get in touch with a former area athlete and catch up with them about their life.

The column will give a short recap of their careers while informing the readers about the person’s life now that they’re out of the sports spotlight.

This column is open to any athlete who has ever played or had an impact on southwest North Dakota.

Because this is a monthly column, the goal is to make each column jive with the particular season we are currently covering at The Press.

While I have a short list of ideas for this column, I’d like to hear from the readers. Who do you think deserves a “Where Are They Now?” column? If you have an idea, please let me know who it is and why I should make them the focus of my column. If possible, provide some contact information for the person and a brief explanation of what they are currently doing.

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