Arrests of track athletes could hurt Hawks’ chances at national meet

The eligibility of three Dickinson State’s men’s track and field athletes from the Bahamas is in limbo following their arrests for their involvement in a fight outside of Liquid Assets last Saturday.

Sprinters Dominic Collie, Justin Gray and Cordero Bonamy — the Dakota Athletic Conference men’s track athlete of the year — were arrested and charged with aggravated assault of a 24-year-old Halliday man outside the bar.

The Dickinson Police Department said Wednesday that others were involved in the incident. A source has told The Dickinson Press that one of the others involved in the incident is a prominent DSU track and field athlete.

Hal Haynes told Dickinson Press reporter Ashley Martin on Wednesday that four DSU students involved in the incident — whom he would not name — were placed on disciplinary suspension or probation.

If they are suspended, they would have to leave the campus and their student visas could be in jeopardy.

On Wednesday night, Collie and Gray’s names had been removed from the men’s track and field roster at Bonamy’s name is still listed on the site.

Losing Bonamy would be a sizeable blow to the men’s team. He is qualified for the NAIA national championships in the 100 meters and the 400 relay.

It was made known to the Press that the other athlete involved in the incident, who is a male but cannot be named publically at this time, is also qualified for the national meet.

If he is unable to attend the national meet, it could mean a major blow to the Blue Hawks’ chances for a ninth straight season finishing in the top two at the meet. Since 2003, the DSU men’s track and field team has either won a national championship or finished second at the national meet.

DSU track and field coach Pete Stanton said he could not comment on the situation until it is resolved.

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