Everything you need for the Central Plains Regional

The Dickinson Press sports staff is planning full coverage of this week’s Central Plains Regional American Legion baseball tournament.

Click here to go directly to the Press’ regional site, where we will be posting each game recap shortly after each game ends. If you find the game you’re looking for, but the story doesn’t look completed, keep checking because we’ll be posting full recaps online as soon as we finish them.

If you’re not patient enough to wait to read the game story, Press sports reporter Royal McGregor and myself will both be tweeting live updates from the tournament. Follow me here and Royal here. We’ve even set up a hashtag here¬†where fans can add their own updates or info on their favorite teams.

KDIX, 1230 AM is broadcasting every game during the tournament. Those of you from outside the area can listen to the games online here.

Perhaps the most intriguing media aspect of the entire tournament, however, is that Consolidated will be offering a live stream of each game online and will be tapped into KDIX’s feed, so you can watch the games online.

2 thoughts on “Everything you need for the Central Plains Regional

  1. Everything? How about the basics – Who What WHERE When How
    Where is this tournament taking place? How much to get in? When does the tournament begin and end?
    Basic reporting. I see a lack of this so often in this paper. This its the number one reason I will not subscribe. I would have been embarrassed, if not fired from the paper I wrote for, for submitting the half written stories the Press publishes.

    • Erin,
      If you clicked on any of those links, it would have take you to all the information that you are questioning me not having on the post. If you looked closer at the blog, you’d see the previous post was the entire tournament schedule. It’s very simple to find the Who, What, When, Where and Why when you just take the time to look. I understand your reasoning on calling me out on something like this. But, I hope you also understand that what you’re reading is a blog where I provide links to our website or quick information for the readers. It is not what is published in the actual newspaper. If you subscribed to The Dickinson Press, you’d see that the who, what, when, where, why and how are at the reader’s fingertips in high-profile places on the pages. Some information, like portions tournament schedule, is even listed twice for good measure. Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day.

      Who, What, When, Where: http://monke.areavoices.com/2011/08/official-central-plains-regional-bracket/
      Tickets: http://www.thedickinsonpress.com/event/article/id/50120/ (two clicks away from my post)

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