New Southside scoreboard an improvement … after bugs are worked out

Southside Municipal Ballpark's new scoreboard in right field.

All spring and summer, I’ve joked with the people of the Dickinson Baseball Club that they need to replace some of the light bulbs in the Southside Municipal Ballpark scoreboard.

Well, for the Central Plains Regional American Legion baseball tournament, the club took it a step further. They replaced the dated and decaying scoreboard in right field with one so new they were still working out the bugs two games into the tournament. By bugs, I meant the scoreboard would randomly flash and appear as if it were resetting, only to start up exactly where it it was before randomly flashing.

While it was a cause for some contention among tournament officials, the tournament announcer had some fun with it and, after a quick reset between the second and third games, the scoreboard was no longer glitchy.

Aside from a few games with a glitchy scoreboard, the first day of the five-day, 15-game tournament went off without a hitch. Well, that is if you don’t count the two-hour rain delay in the Mandan-Sioux Falls East game that caused the Dickinson-Carroll County game to run until nearly 1 a.m. Friday.

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