DSU softball team takes advantage of weather

No snow on the ground in January — and the temperatures are in the 50s?

Even a California native like DSU softball coach Kristen Fleury knows that’s almost unheard of in North Dakota, and she is making sure her team took advantage of the mild weather as much as it can.

The Blue Hawks held their first official preseason practice outdoors Monday as high temperatures reached the low 50s in Dickinson.

“We can’t pass this up,” Fleury said. “It’s nice enough, we can’t sit inside much longer.”

Though the mild conditions are expected to subside as soon as Tuesday, Fleury said the team may continue to hold outdoor practices as long as there’s no snow on the ground.

“It’ll be nice to get outside, hit the ball around, take some fly balls and enjoy the weather, actually,” Fleury said. “We’ll get out there as much as we can. The biggest thing is fly balls. You can’t do everything you need to do inside.”

The Blue Hawks are scheduled to begin their season Feb. 24 against Eastern Oregon at Caldwell, Idaho. It is the earliest the team has ever scheduled its season opener.

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