Friday 27th January 2012

by monke

Through bake sales at its JV tournament last week, the Heart River boys basketball team raised $450 for the Hettinger-Scranton boys basketball team that was involved in a bus crash on Jan. 13. Hettinger-Scranton was scheduled to play in the tournament, but didn’t because of the several injuries its players sustained in the accident.

Heart River head coach Greg Pruitt will present Hettinger-Scranton head coach Adam Hill with the money Saturday night when their teams play in Scranton. They were scheduled to play four days after the bus accident but the game was postponed.

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One Response to “Heart River schools raise money for Hettinger-Scranton boys basketball team”

  1. Avatar of Eric Eric says:

    Greg, you’ve made the Heart River program a class act. Congratulations. Good luck with the rest of the year.

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