Making a transition

Hey everybody! Part of my move from sports editor to managing editor at The Dickinson Press is making sure we improve the social media presence we provide to our readership. Part of that includes revamping my blog to reflect my new position.

While I’m still working out the kinks and trying to establish how I want to present everything, I will tell you that I hope to do a few blog posts a week. They could range anywhere from my commentary, to something that may coincide with a story either I or one of The Press’ reporters have written or are working on. I also hope to touch on lighter topics we don’t always cover in the newspaper, such as business openings or little things that are going on in the community. And I’m sure every once in a while, I’ll draw up a sports post. Can’t let that just disappear, can I?

Make sure to keep in touch with me if you have story idea you think The Press should be working on, or if you have a letter to the editor for our Opinion page. And don’t forget to follow my Twitter feed, which you can view by clicking the link on the right side of the page.

Keep watching the blog this week as I try to roll out a few posts.

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